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About Us

Square One Community Inc. was born in 2021 from the COVID Community Response Committee. Housing instability was identified in a city-wide survey of agencies as being a priority, and with that in mind, local agencies were invited to meet. Anecdotal evidence showed the need for housing, coupled with wrap-around services to support the individual's new beginnings as they started over at "square one" in their lives. 

Throughout the year, meetings delineated our Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives. We became incorporated and created an infrastructure with which to meet those goals. 

Welcome to Square One. 

Image by Ian Schneider

Our Mission

To support and advocate for those who are facing homelessness and barriers due to substance abuse, mental health, incarceration, acquired brain injury, and other social barriers. We want people to have a sense of community and belonging. We believe in a harm reduction, low-barrier approach, that supports individuals wherever they are on their journey.

Our Vision

That everyone in our community has the opportunity to have their housing and basic needs met.

 Our Goal

To support and advocate for those facing homelessness and barriers, to foster a sense of community and belonging, and to provide secure, safe, and clean housing options.

Our Objective

To secure housing units, to offer programs that foster good health and well-being, and to help people develop lifelong skills that will increase their opportunities and build their independence.

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