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On March 9 th , 2023 at 7pm Square One Community invites our entire community to support
our major fundraiser, WALK FOR WARMTH.
WALK FOR WARMTH has been created as a local initiative to raise funds in support of the
operation of a warming space for those who are displaced and without homes.

Our goal is to raise enough funds through sponsorships and team pledges to keep a warming space open this
winter. This will greatly benefit those who are unhoused, offering them a place to get warmth,
food, comfort, clothing, and safety with the support of trained and
compassionate personnel.
There will be an opportunity for our unhoused kin to make
connections with appropriate agencies such as Mental Health and Addictions, Riverside
Mission/Souls Harbour, Social Services, John Howard, and other support agencies in the
Square One Community asks for the community’s support to make this happen.

Students, Church Communities, Businesses, Teams of all sorts are invited to join us for this community initiative.
To register as an individual or as a team, and get your Pledge form, please visit our Walk for
Warmth Registration


Tonight, there is someone in our city who has no place to stay for the night.

 That person will walk the street, or tuck into a vestibule or curl up in an outdoor sheltered nook to
survive the winter night. Friend, we need to have a warming space for our kin who are unhoused.

We need a safe space for them to shelter and be supported.

Thank You for Your Support

Thank you for Registering!
Please Check Your Email For Your Confirmation

Register Below for Walk for Warmth 
March 9, 2023

Download Your Pledge Sheet

Walk for Warmth 2023 Pledge Sheet.jpg

Your Pledge Sheet Has Everything you need to track your donations.

Bring this with you and all your donations to the event on March 9, 2023 

Become a Sponsor of Walk for Warmth!

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